Bluebarnwood shop

A New England craftsman producing unique 1 of a kind remodel designs , shop  pieces , custom builds and pieces for specific issues regarding space or storage

Why Choose Bluebarnwood shop ?

Unique custom designs from my 35yrs of experience, a passion , and a twisted mind comming together solo , or with client input for remodel or shop peices Made solid , made to catch the eye , Made in New England , U.S.of A. I try to achieve long lasting , timeless remodel designs and /or custom shop pieces that will stay with their owners through gift , passed down , or ,   for your space now...

I try to use as much of a "sustainable " material as possible , whenever possible. I efficiently and responsibly use the materials to their fullest to minimize waste and environmental impact as much as possible . 



Lakeville, CT.

Mon - Sat

7am - 7pm